Magical Realism Meets Future Fiction: Charles Lindsay & Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz

Charles Lindsay & Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz — Magical Realism Meets Future Fiction

When imagining the future of our world, it’s essential to embrace the state of not knowing and to think big and creatively, while making room for a little magic. This is what Charles Lindsay and Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz have built their livelihoods around, although their approaches couldn’t be more different. 

Lindsay is a multi-disciplinary artist who plays with technology, time, ecosystems and semiotics to create immersive, futuristic environments and sound installations. He is the first artist in residence at SETI Institute — which seeks out intelligent life in the universe. Brysiewicz uses an even broader lens in his work, focusing on our reality in the next 10,000 years. As the director of development at Long Now Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage long-term thinking, he pushes people to think beyond present, short-term realities and cheap fixes to allow for quality, long-term thinking.

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