The River and the Wall / Sun., Sheridan Opera House

Date: May 26, 2019
Start Time: 9:15 a.m.
with Q&A
Wave Hands Like Clouds

Wave Hands Like Clouds

Film Screening — Duration: 3 mins

Colorado Premiere
Suspended in the airy expanse between heaven and Earth, highliners walk a tightrope strung between two canyon walls. Wave Hands Like Clouds is an ode to finding focus and balance in a moment of exposed vulnerability that leaves the viewer breathless.

The River and the Wall

The River and the Wall

Film Screening — Duration: 110 mins

The topic of immigration on the southern border of the U.S. is one of today’s most divisive issues, with pundits, politicians and the public locked in battle over a proposed wall spanning its length. But what would a wall really look like? And how would it affect the ecosystems, animal corridors and communities of the borderlands? In The River and the Wall, filmmaker Ben Masters sets out with a team of scientists and friends to answer those questions the best way they know how: by traveling 1,200 miles along the Rio Grande River by bike, horse and canoe. Along the way, they talk to lawmakers, spend time with ranchers and explore the hard-scrabble desert and its abundant wildlife. What begins as an exploration into the impacts on the natural world runs headlong into the human side of the issue as they dig deeper into this complicated issue.