Sneak Peek: Massacre River / Sat., Sheridan Opera House

Date: May 25, 2019
Start Time: 9:00 p.m.
Location: 81435 Gallery
with Q&A
Mi Mama

Mi Mamá

Film Screening — Duration: 6 mins

There is a force of healing in nature and a power of connection — connection with ourselves, our hopes and dreams, and with the mystery and grandeur of life on our planet. For Nadia Iris Mercado, there is also in nature a connection with her ancestry. And, the connection she makes most strongly, and most tenderly, is with her mother — who sacrificed her own hopes and dreams to give Nadia the best possible chance to realize hers.

Massacre River

Massacre River

Film Screening — Duration: 81 mins — with Q&A

In 2013, the Dominican Republic’s constitutional court stripped citizenship from persons of Haitian descent. The impact is directly felt by Pikilina, who survives as a sex worker yet dreams of a better life for her children as she faces a virtually impossible challenge of obtaining documentation. The title of Mountainfilm Festival Director Suzan Beraza’s new film refers to the killing of as many as 20,000 Haitians on the Haitian/Dominican border in 1937, a little-remembered act of genocide, just as today’s ongoing ethnic cleansing in the Dominican Republic is scarcely noted in a world where there is a seemingly unending supply of stateless refugees. Chillingly, the earlier massacre is revealed to be a prelude to an event that unfolds before our eyes — and not only on the island of Hispaniola. In telling Pikilina’s story, Beraza simultaneously captures the human toll and recognizes the scale of the global humanitarian crisis.