Fishing Without Nets

Film Screening — Duration: 20 mins

“There are two ways to fish. With nets or without. But if I fish with violence, will my nets be full of blood?” That is the difficult choice facing Chire, the main character in this short narrative film about Somali pirates, many of whom have turned to crime because their waters have been overfished by foreigners. Fishing Without Nets, which is told from the point of view of the pirates and sometimes feels like a documentary, tells the story of young Somali men who have given up on their lives as fishermen to go after a bigger catch: the giant cargo ships that sail through their part of the world. This film captures the rough world of these hardened men as it shimmers and shines on the high seas.



Film Screening — Duration: 10 mins

40th Anniversary Retrospective: From the Vault Program
Like urban mountaineers, the immigrant window washers profiled in this short incisive film rappel down sheer cliffs of city glass. Knowing that a fatal fall may await them over the edge of any given skyscraper, they are nonetheless happy to take the risk because it yields a far better life than any they could ever hope for in their home countries. Still, their thoughts away from the job are unusually prone to existential musings.

Baseball in a Time of Cholera

Film Screening — Duration: 28 mins

This film isn’t really about either baseball or cholera. Instead, it concentrates on the playfulness and joy of the game as it nudges up against and intermingles with the death and despair of the disease after the 2011 earthquake in Haiti. It’s more a film about incongruities and complexities, unforeseen consequences and unending hope. It’s also about good intentions that can bring bad results. Ultimately, though, this film is simply about the unending tragedy of poverty.

Into the Middle of Nowhere

Film Screening — Duration: 15 mins

Children don’t need shiny plastic things, video games or expensive toys to have fun. A pile of logs and sticks can provide an active imagination with plenty of tools for hours of entertainment. This film takes us Into the Middle of Nowhere — an outdoor nursery in the Scottish countryside with a group of children who are just learning about the challenges of growing up. The woods become the place where the normal rules of society come to a halt and where play transforms the surroundings into the children’s wildest imaginations.