Moving Mountains Symposium: Afternoon Session: The Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

Date: May 26, 2017
Start Time: 9:00 a.m.

Climate change looms over us, an existential specter, omnipresent and unyielding. Scourges abound, such as the decimation of Western forests by the pine beetle, coral bleaching in the oceans and widespread global disruption. This is The New Normal.

But at Mountainfilm, we want The New Normal to be something else. We want The New Normal to be an engaged, committed community (such as, say, the good people reading this), setting a new direction toward carbon neutrality.

Our ambitious symposium will delve into the current and future implications of climate change. We’re also going to look closely at solutions, provided by an impressive array of people working assiduously to avert calamity.

To that end, we’re particularly excited about guest Garry Charnock, who hails from the British village
of Ashton Hayes. In 2006, he spearheaded an audacious initiative for his small town to go carbon neutral. Ashton Hayes has been successful in notably reducing its CO2 while simultaneously increasing the sense of community as everyone works toward this common goal.

There’s an enormous opportunity for the Telluride region (and beyond!) to work toward carbon neutrality, but it won’t be easy here because our carbon footprint is twice the national average. This is the time to embrace Telluride’s rich history in innovation and come together around this crucial issue.

The 2017 Moving Mountains Symposium will explore how this could happen, but please know that it involves asking the Mountainfilm community — our audience, guests, sponsors and, of course, ourselves — to do more to combat climate change. Let’s rethink the way we live our lives to be more climate friendly. Together, we can have a real and tangible impact on the seminal challenge facing the planet and its people.

After all, what do you want The New Normal to be?

Garry Charnock


Alarmed by climate change, Garry Charnock was inspired by his training as a hydrologist and experience as a journalist to start an initiative in his English village of Ashton Hayes called Going Carbon Neutral. The effort has been significant, drawing both international press and queries from around the world. Charnock will discuss a road map to carbon neutrality and explain what Telluride can learn from Ashton Hayes.

In Person:
  • Garry Charnock
  • Adam Chambers


    Adam Chambers is a climatologist who specializes in soil and now works with the Pinhead Climate Initiative to help bring Telluride to carbon neutrality. He will discuss the program and explain exciting local initiatives.

    In Person:
  • Adam Chambers