Coffee Talks - Saturday

Date: May 27, 2017
Start Time: 8:00 a.m.

Coffee Talk: Slow Hands and the Simple Life - Ah Haa West

Town Talk

In our ultra-fast-paced society, slowing down, starting from scratch and doing things the old-fashioned way is rare. Not so for off-the-grid farmers and film subjects Jon and Suzy Muir (Suzy and the Simple Man) and wet plate collodion photographer and Mountainfilm artist-in-residence Lindsey Ross. They will talk about the value of slow, simple and stripped-down.

In Person:
  • Susan Muir
  • Lindsey Ross
  • Coffee Talk: On the Edge to Get the Shot - Ah Haa East

    Town Talk

    National Geographic photographer Pete McBride has trudged across arid deltas and walked the length of The Grand Canyon for projects. Krystle Wright, star of The Mysteries (Mountainfilm 2016), spent over four years chasing a single BASE jumping shot after it came to her in a dream. And filmmaker and photographer Marcus Haney (No Cameras Allowed, Mountainfilm 2015) has been hospitalized at least once while trying to capture an image. They’ll discuss the risks that come with nailing the perfect shot.

    In Person:
  • Pete McBride
  • Krystle Wright
  • Marcus Haney
  • Coffee Talk: One On One with John Holdren - Christ Church Upstairs

    Town Talk

    Harvard professor and Woods Hole Research Center advisor John Holdren worked as President Barack Obama’s chief adviser on science and technology issues for eight years, making him the longest-serving presidential science adviser in U.S. history. He will talk about why science is an essential ingredient in good government.

    In Person:
  • John Holdren
  • Coffee Talk: You Can't Handle The Truth - Christ Church Downstairs

    Town Talk

    When you’re an expert on the dire conditions humans face with climate change, how do you incorporate that knowledge into your own life and conversations? Climate Interactive Director Drew Jones, climate attorney Julia Olson and ecosystems scientist Steve Running, a former board member for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, will explore this thorny issue.

    In Person:
  • Andrew Jones
  • Julia Olson
  • Steve Running
  • Coffee Talk: Valley Floor - 10 Years of Open Space - Hotel Telluride

    Town Talk

    It’s been 10 years since Valley Floor Preservation Partners and Town of Telluride raised $50 million to purchase the Valley Floor — 570 acres of river corridor and rolling meadows on Telluride’s doorstep — to preserve in perpetuity as open space. Telluride locals Hilary Cooper, Chris Hazen and Jane Hickcox, who have been closely involved in the Valley Floor story, will talk about the first decade of Forever Wild.

    In Person:
  • Hilary Cooper
  • Chris Hazen
  • Jane Hickox
  • Coffee Talk: Running for Change - Mountain Lodge Telluride

    Town Talk

    One of the most effective avenues for making change is to run for local office. Arlene Burns, former Mountainfilm festival director and current mayor of Mosier, Oregon; Kim Stone, who was elected to the Highland Park, Illinois, city council in 2013; Meghan Kallman, city councilor in Providence, Rhode Island (and founder of Conceivable Future); Chris Arndt, author of The Right’s Road to Serfdom; and San Miguel County Commissioner Joan May will talk about the challenges, and importance, of running for office.

    In Person:
  • Arlene Burns
  • Kim Stone
  • Meghan Kallman
  • Chris Arndt
  • Joan May