Coffee Talks - Monday

Date: May 29, 2017
Start Time: 8:00 a.m.

Coffee Talk: Vanishing Traditions - Ah Haa East

Town Talk

With technology and its brother-in-arms modernity permeating even the most remote locales on Earth, ancient languages, rites and traditions are vanishing. Ben Ayers of the dZi Foundation and director Ben Knight documented one such threatened rite in their film The Last Honey Hunter. Director Ryan Killackey chronicled a culture and environment on the brink in Yasuni Man. They’ll discuss what, if anything, can be done to turn the tide.

In Person:
  • Ben Ayers
  • Ben Knight
  • Ryan Killackey
  • Coffee Talk: A Dangerous World - Christ Church Upstairs

    Town Talk

    Roger Cohen has worked for The New York Times for more than two decades as a foreign correspondent, editor and columnist. For the past year, he’s written incisive columns about the disturbing trend toward authoritarianism across the globe. Bob Baer is a current CNN contributor and former CIA agent who worked extensively in the Middle East. Together they will discuss the great unsettling that’s happening globally.

    In Person:
  • Roger Cohen
  • Bob Baer
  • Coffee Talk: Local Climate Solutions - Hotel Telluride

    Town Talk

    Climate change seems insurmountable, but there are ways to start small, shrink your footprint and organize a local movement for positive change. Garry Charnock, who spearheaded an effort in his own U.K. village to become carbon neutral; Rachel Landis, the coordinator at Fort Lewis College’s Environmental Center; and Adam Chambers, a scientist working with the newly minted Pinhead Climate Institute in Telluride, will talk about tackling the issue on a local level.

    In Person:
  • Garry Charnock
  • Rachel Landis
  • Adam Chambers
  • Coffee Talk: Movies With a Mission - Mountain Lodge Telluride

    Town Talk

    You’ve made a film about a crucial issue with the hope that it will have an impact. Now what? Jeff Orlowski, director of Chasing Coral; Pedro Kos, director of Bending the Arc; Louie Schwartzberg, who has made several nature documentaries; and Geralyn Dreyfous of Impact Partners talk about challenges and strategies to turn documentaries into change-making vehicles.

    In Person:
  • Jeff Orlowski
  • Pedro Kos
  • Louie Schwartzberg
  • Geralyn Dreyfous
  • Coffee Talk: Climate Change and Adaptation - Black Iron at Madeline

    Town Talk

    In locations around the world, humans are coming up with ingenious ways to adapt to climate change — because they’re on the frontlines and have no choice or because they want to be part of solving the greatest threat humankind has ever faced. Cultural anthropologist Alizé Carrére, earth systems scientist Max Holmes and photographer Forest Woodward will discuss some of the more innovative projects and adaptations they’ve encountered.

    In Person:
  • Alizé Carrére
  • Max Holmes
  • Forest Woodward