Coffee Talks 2019: Sunday

Date: May 26, 2019
Start Time: 8:00 a.m.

Coffee will be provided; please bring your own mug. Talks at Christ Church are hosted by Outside Magazine, and will be recorded for use in Outside's podcast.

Ah Haa West: Creative Expression and Democracy

Coffee Talk

Connie Lim, who performs as Milck, wrote the song “Quiet” — which became a global hit and ballad of the #metoo movement. Evan Blaise Walsh is a project coordinator for For Freedoms, a national collective of artists, institutions and organizations experimenting with innovative pathways to civic participation. David Benjamin Sherry is a visual artist whose depictions of the American West are shaping the way we think about these iconic landscapes. They will talk about the role of creative expression in today’s fractured democracy.

In Person:
  • Evan Blaise Walsh
  • Connie Lim
  • David Benjamin Sherry
  • Ah Haa East: The New Role Models

    Coffee Talk

    As gender identity has expanded through the generations, older trans people such as mountaineer Erin Parisi and filmmaker Kimberly Reed are finding inspiration from the youth who inhabit a more dynamic and hopeful world. Youth like Sarah Rose Huckman and Andraya Yearwood, subjects of Changing the Game. In this talk, they’ll discuss gains that have been made and challenges that remain.

    In Person:
  • Erin Parisi
  • Kimberly Reed
  • Sarah Rose Huckman
  • Andraya Yearwood
  • Christ Church: The Unexpected Activists

    Coffee Talk

    When it comes to galvanizing action on climate change, the most potent activists might not come from mainstream environmental groups. Aji Piper is one of 21 American youth, ages 11 to 23, suing the government for not taking action to save the planet. Catherine Flowers, a senior fellow at the Center for Earth Ethics, has brought significant resources to address sanitation issues in Alabama’s rural Black Belt. These two dynamic activists will discuss their journeys, the challenges to enacting meaningful change and where we all go from here.

    In Person:
  • Aji Piper
  • Catherine Flowers
  • Hotel Telluride: Resetting Expectations

    Coffee Talk

    When life changes in an instant through an accident, injury or illness, what follows is a singular test of human spirit. Paul Basagoitia and Nichole Munk, subjects of Any One of Us, experienced that when Basagoitia sustained a life-changing spinal cord injury. Joey Maxim (Mend) survived a horrific car accident only to face a whole new set of challenges with a traumatic brain injury. They will talk about the slow and patience-testing process of making unexpected adaptations, relying on the strength of caregivers and resetting expectations.

    In Person:
  • Paul Basagoitia
  • Joey Maxim
  • Library: Native Voices in Conservation

    Coffee Talk

    Founder of NativesOutdoors Len Necefer, who directed Welcome to Gwichyaa Zhee; Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk, councilwoman of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe; Lawrence Gilmore, subject of The Blessing and Dustin Martin, subject of Sacred Strides, will discuss why it’s vital to incorporate the Native perspective in issues of land management, environmental policy and conservation.

    In Person:
  • Len Necefer
  • Mountain Lodge Telluride: Foreign Relations in the Trump Era

    Coffee Talk

    Novelist turned political aide Ben Rhodes occupied a critical role in Barack Obama’s administration, where he worked as a speechwriter and deputy national security advisor and was an influential confidant to the president. Rhodes, who is the author of the new memoir The World As It Is, will examine the current state of American foreign relations.

    In Person:
  • Ben Rhodes
  • M Lounge at Madeline Hotel: Making Way and Waymaking

    Coffee Talk

    In modern life, it’s hard not to be affected by history's heteronormative, linear narratives that push towards an ending, rather than staying in the now. But connection to nature can provoke a disruption of that narrative, leading us toward truth, intuition and presence. Claire Carter and Paula Flach created the Waymaking Anthology to open up the definition of how women inhabit the outdoors. They’ll talk about how diversifying voices can lead to new ways of looking, seeing and making in this world.

    In Person:
  • Claire Carter