Coffee Talks 2019: Saturday

Date: May 25, 2019
Start Time: 8:00 a.m.

Coffee will be provided; please bring your own mug. Talks at Christ Church are hosted by Outside Magazine, and will be recorded for use in Outside's podcast.

Ah Haa West: Equity Work in Nepal

Coffee Talk

In Nepal, NGOs flock to villages, cities and the countryside with well-intentioned plans to aid communities. But how do you approach charity work with cultural awareness? Filmmakers Cheryl Strayed and Brian Lindstrom (We Are Forbidden); dZi Executive Director Ben Ayers, whose organization creates long-term partnerships designed for Nepalese communities that others cannot reach; and BlinkNow founder Maggie Doyne, whose organization aims to change the world through empowering Nepal’s children, will discuss ways to go against the grain of the traditional charity narrative.

In Person:
  • Cheryl Strayed
  • Brian Lindstrom
  • Ben Ayers
  • Maggie Doyne
  • Ah Haa East: JEDI Warriors

    Coffee Talk

    The outdoor realm has a diversity problem — and it’s one that a growing movement of activists, athletes and industry leaders is working to change. Teresa Baker, creator of the CEO Diversity Pledge; José González, founder and director emeritus of Latino Outdoors; Azzah Ahmed, adventurer and subject of Facing Sunrise; and Kriste Peoples, founder of Black Women’s Alliance of Denver and co-leader for Outdoor Afro Colorado, will discuss the role of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) in the outdoor world.

    In Person:
  • Teresa Baker
  • José González
  • Azzah Ahmed
  • Kriste Peoples
  • Christ Church: Climbing Two Mountains – Equity in Mountaineering

    Coffee Talk

    Mountaineering has long been dominated by white, cisgender men, but two activists and athletes are working toward a more inclusive sport by climbing two mountains — literal peaks and the metaphorical mountain of systemic oppression. Erin Parisi, the first publicly trans person to attempt the Seven Summits, and Bam Mendiola, a speaker, writer, mountaineer and JEDI consultant, will explore the lifelong trail to equity in mountaineering and other outdoor sports.

    In Person:
  • Erin Parisi
  • Bam Mendiola
  • Hotel Telluride: Understanding White Fragility

    Coffee Talk

    In North America, scholar Robin DiAngelo observes, white people live in a social environment that insulates them from race-based stress. This builds expectations for racial comfort and lowers the ability to tolerate racial stress, leading to a concept that DiAngelo calls “White Fragility.” In this talk, she and artist and social justice activist Favianna Rodriguez will take a deeper dive into DiAngelo’s best-selling book, White Fragility: Why it’s so Hard for White People to Talk About Race. With a book signing to follow.

    In Person:
  • Robin DiAngelo
  • Favianna Rodriguez
  • Library: Native Art and Activism

    Coffee Talk

    In Native American cultures, traditions of fine art as a means of communication, expression of creativity and vessel for storytelling are as old as millenia. Today, art is as crucial as ever as Native peoples tackle issues of decolonization, identity, pride and stereotypes through bold activism. Film subject Jim Enote (Counter Mapping), who is helping to reimagine mapping through his Zuni Map Art Project in New Mexico; and film subject Douglas Miles Sr. (The Mystery of Now), a filmmaker, designer and founder of Apache Skateboards on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona, will talk about the role of art in activism.

    In Person:
  • Jim Enote
  • Douglas Miles Sr.
  • Mountain Lodge Telluride: Equity from Three Perspectives

    Coffee Talk

    Fulbright Scholar and professor Baz Dreisinger is the author of Incarceration Nations: A Journey to Justice in Prisons Around the World. Writer, pastor and activist John Pavlovitz offers a faith-based perspective of social and political events that is based on hope, inclusion and positivity. And Dr. Michael Sawyer is an assistant professor in the race, ethnicity and migration studies program at Colorado College. They’ll talk about equity from the perspectives of prison reform, the pulpit and academia.

    In Person:
  • Baz Dreisinger
  • John Pavlovitz
  • Dr. Michael Sawyer