Coffee & Conversation - Saturday

Date: May 24, 2014
Start Time: 8:00 a.m.

Climate Solution 2014: Outdoor Companies and the Environment

Town Talk

Whether it's funding films or supporting nonprofit advocacy groups, some outdoor companies are increasingly putting their influence and money into environmental causes. Peter Kenworthy, Mountainfilm’s executive director, will discuss company strategies with Joy Howard, vice president of marketing for Patagonia; Gareth Martins, director of marketing for Osprey; and Peter Metcalf, CEO of Black Diamond.

In Person:
  • Peter Kenworthy
  • Joy Howard
  • Gareth Martins
  • Peter Metcalf
  • Ocean as Ecosystem

    Town Talk

    It’s no secret that the oceans are in deep trouble, but what’s less known is the positive developments that could create a sea change. The great oceanographer Sylvia Earle (Mission Blue); John Francis, the National Geographic vice president for research, conservation and exploration; and acclaimed photographer Florian Schulz will examine the state of the oceans.

    In Person:
  • Sylvia Earle
  • Florian Schulz
  • John Francis
  • Cheryl Strayed with Tom Shadyac

    Town Talk

    Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild catapulted to The New York Times best-seller list and held the #1 spot for seven consecutive weeks. She and director/producer Tom Shadyac will explore why the story of her personal collapse and eventual redemption in the wilderness resonated with so many readers.

    In Person:
  • Cheryl Strayed
  • Tom Shadyac
  • Untrammeled By Man?

    Town Talk

    In the landmark Wilderness Act of 1964, wilderness is defined as an area “untrammeled by man,” but a growing group of conservation experts in the United States and abroad believe people are an integral part of keeping “wild” places intact. The conversation will include Sono Aibe, a senior advisor at Pathfinder International; M Sanjayan, executive vice president and senior scientist at Conservation International; and Vance Martin, president of the WILD Foundation.

    In Person:
  • Sono Aibe
  • M Sanjayan
  • Vance G. Martin
  • Where Are the Women?

    Town Talk

    Women are significantly under represented in the adventure industry. Professional skiers Lynsey Dyer and Wendy Fisher; filmmaker Sarah Menzies; along with Rebecca Martin, executive director at National Geographic Expeditions Council, discuss how women can take Amelia Earhart’s advice: “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

    In Person:
  • Lynsey Dyer
  • Wendy Fisher
  • Sarah Menzies
  • Rebecca Martin
  • Wilderness and Radicalism

    Town Talk

    Tim DeChristopher, who starred in Bidder 70 (Mountainfilm 2012) and spent two years in federal prison for an act of eco-civil disobedience, believes that wilderness inspires radicalism. Dave Foreman, founder of Earth First, and Lynx Vilden, founder of the Living Wild School, will join DeChristopher to discuss the topic.

    In Person:
  • Tim DeChristopher
  • Dave Foreman
  • Lynx Vilden
  • Nepal and the Money Train

    Town Talk

    The recent avalanche on Everest that killed 16 Sherpa guides has exposed major ethnic and financial fissures at the top of the world. Four experts will discuss the role money plays in the mountains of Nepal: Ben Ayers, Nepal country director for dZi Foundation; Wade Davis, who wrote Into the Silence about George Mallory; photographer Aaron Huey, who is documenting Sherpas guides for National Geographic magazine; and Norbu Tenzing, vice-president of the American Himalayan Foundation and the son of Tenzing Norgay.

    In Person:
  • Ben Ayers
  • Wade Davis
  • Aaron Huey
  • Norbu Tenzing