Artifishal / Sat., Off-Width

Date: May 25, 2019
Start Time: 9:00 p.m.
Location: The Off-Width
with Q&A
Hunting the Helmeted Hornbill

Hunting the Helmeted Hornbill

Film Screening — Duration: 12 mins

World Premiere
Deep in the ancient, dense jungles of Southeast Asia lives a magnificent bird. With its prominent beak, elegant tail feathers and unmistakable plumage, the Helmeted Hornbill is a creature that is striking, proud and awe-inspiring. But in the last decade, the Helmeted Hornbill has been all but wiped out by poachers for its coveted ivory-like casque. This film follows conservationist Yoki Hadiprakarsa and photographer Tim Laman on an urgent mission to tell the story of the Helmeted Hornbill before it’s too late.



Film Screening — Duration: 75 mins

Colorado Premiere
Salmon are an iconic symbol of the coastal North American wild, swimming from the ocean hundreds of miles upstream to spawn, and in the process becoming a keystone species for the watersheds and Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest. But their numbers are declining. And although politically and economically fraught fish hatcheries have long been a boon to anglers, they do little to help wild salmon populations and may even be hurting their chances for recovery. Artifishal explores what happens when humans attempt to command and control a species, and by extension its ecosystem, and poses the question: What if by trying to engineer our way around an environmental problem, our hubris causes us, like Icarus, to make the fatal mistake of flying too close to the sun?