American Heretics / Sun., Masons

Date: May 26, 2019
Start Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Masons Hall
with Q&A
The Trial

The Trial

Film Screening — Duration: 16 mins

To be an attorney defending persons accused in 9/11 trials at Guantanamo Bay is thankless. To make a film about “justice” inside “Camp Justice” at Guantanamo, where the Constitution does not apply and filming is not allowed, demands ingenuity. Director Johanna Hamilton celebrates the valor of lawyers operating within a system rigged against them and exposes the pointless cruelty in the prosecution of a case against alleged 9/11 terrorists that is still in the pretrial phase, 18 years after the crime took place.

American Heretics

American Heretics: The Politics of the Gospel

Film Screening — Duration: 85 mins

World Premiere
Not all American Christians are conservative, not even in Oklahoma, where evangelical Christianity is a dominant religious affiliation. Rev. Robin Meyers proudly claims the mantle of liberalism. He and a handful of other “heretics” in his conservative state think deeply about early Christianity, American history, what the Bible says and doesn’t say and how evangelical Christianity has shaped, or misshaped, American politics. “Something is really, really wrong with our approach to religion,” Meyers says, citing gospel to decry right-wing politics, driven, in his view, by evangelical Christianity. American Heretics sheds blessed light on this issue. Who are the heretics here? The subjects of this film, or the evangelical church they expose for its rigid dogma of authoritarianism, intolerance and bigotry?