Split of a Second

Film Screening — Duration: 9 mins

Prepare for a mix of goose bumps and nausea as finely calculated risk meets pure insanity. Split of a Second gets inside the thoughts and motives of wingsuit world champion Espen Fadnes.

Lacon De Catalonia

Film Screening — Duration: 5 mins

If your backyard mountain bike jumps require a five-story drop-in ramp for speed, chances are your name is Andreu Lacondeguy. The Antimedia film crew takes us to Lacondeguy’s training compound in the suburbs of Barcelona, Spain, for a day in the life of one of the best riders in the world.

Here & There

Film Screening — Duration: 5 mins

Filmed in Hawaii and Nicaragua, Here & There is about great surf and big air and reminds us that surfing is no longer just about riding the wave — it’s about what can be done above it.

Paper Shredder

Film Screening — Duration: 3 mins

A snowboarder shreds a sick line in this sweet stop-motion animation film.

Trip (Colored Snow)

Film Screening — Duration: 3 mins

Twisting the perspective of skiing powder with dazzling colors, this film harks back to the days of Roger Brown and The Mobius Flip.

The Sensei

Film Screening — Duration: 28 mins

Forty-six-year-old Yuji Hirayama is one of the great legends of climbing. Near retirement, he plans one big swan-song mission in the wild, mystical high-altitude jungles of Borneo. But he needs a worthy partner and finds Daniel Woods, a 21-year-old goofball skater kid who is arguably the strongest human being in the climbing world. In a classic story that crosses genres, Daniel-san travels to Japan to compete for the opportunity to work with Mr. Miyagi-like Hirayama.

Albee Layer

Film Screening — Duration: 4 mins

This introspective piece provides a glimpse into a rider’s desire for an unlikely duo: pyromania and big, hollow waves.

Kilian Martin: Altered Route

Film Screening — Duration: 5 mins

Kilian Martin has brought his own unique style of skateboarding to the masses through the thoughtful eye of Brett Novak. If you remember the days of Powell Peralta and Rodney Mullen, you’ll appreciate Martin keeping that innovative style of skateboarding alive.

The Burn

Film Screening — Duration: 6 mins

Every summer, forest fires burn wildly across the mountains. As destructive as they are, they have a purpose and beauty that often goes unappreciated: When winter arrives in these charred forests, so do skiers.

Django Django Wor

Film Screening — Duration: 6 mins

Indie band Django Django became obsessed by the infamous Indian “Well of Death” riders in Allahabad. This music video for their song “Wor” features a bunch of guys with the most rock-solid testicles in India as they outpace gravity to the delight of spectators.


Film Screening — Duration: 8 mins

When a crew of filmmakers and kayakers head to the Mexican jungle to hunt big waterfalls, they find a place of unrelenting rain, heinous insects, thick mud, scary viruses and utter perfection. Cascada, another gorgeous short film by Forge Motion Pictures, follows the crew as they explore a world beyond expectations, where biting flies, tangled vines and shoddy hotel rooms can’t detract from the unrivaled waterfalls and powerful rapids they discover.