Michael D. Palm Theatre - May 22, 2015 - 9:15 p.m.

Date: May 22, 2015
Start Time: 9:15 p.m.
We Are Fire

We Are Fire

Film Screening — Duration: 8 mins

Orlando von Einsiedel's documentary Virunga mesmerized audiences at Mountainfilm 2014 and was later nominated for an Oscar. His new short features an impressive collection of Indian women, called the Gulabi Gang, who live in Uttar Pradesh in northern India, one of the poorest districts in the country and a place where domestic and sexual violence is common. The Gulabi Gang's goal is to help victimized women gain economic security, emotional confidence and physical safety. With their bright pink saris and fierce-looking bamboo sticks, members of the Gulabi Gang are emblematic of courage, resilience and the power of women united by a cause.

Frame by Frame

Frame by Frame

Film Screening — Duration: 85 mins

Under the harsh rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, photography was banned as a blasphemous pursuit. When the Taliban was deposed in 2001, however, Afghan photographers picked up their cameras again to tell visual stories of their land and people.

Frame by Frame (a Mountainfilm Commitment Grantee) tells a compelling narrative of four photographers who each offer a different life story — and lens — to their work. The documentary’s co-directors, Alexandria Bombach and Mo Scarpelli, bring considerable filmmaking skills to this imagistic documentary that goes beyond the scope of photography.

The film delves into both the broad issues of national identity and the more personal stories of brave journalists determined to tell the truth for as long as they can.