Outside the Box

Film Screening — Duration: 16 mins

In 2011, Anna Stohr and Juliane Wurm came to the U.S. to prepare for the Boulder World Cup. Part of their training included time with Lynn Hill. While the two young women are at the top of their sport, they realize they still have a lot to learn from Hill, who was the first person to free the Nose in Yosemite (which is considered to be one of the most impressive climbing feats in the twentieth century). Hill introduces Stohr and Wurm to crack climbing in Utah. As they head up Castleton Tower, this short film by Stephanie Brockhaus documents how Hill shares her wisdom and experience with these two young women


Film Screening — Duration: 30 mins

Two climbers chose an ambitious line to tackle. It’s long, logistically challenging and comes with plenty of unknowns. It also happens to be in a grove of trees. Directed by John Waller (who brought us Into Darkness in 2011), Treeverse features Brian French and Will Koomjian as they  attempt a 1-kilometer transect through a grove of oak trees in northwest Oregon. The tree climbers eat, sleep and live among the branches as they move through the canopy — facing nasty weather, technical challenges and large gaps in the line as they pioneer a new method of getting from point A to B.

Bernadette McDonald Presentation


Although she grew up on a prairie farm in Canada, Bernadette McDonald became enamored with the mountains and made her career in that world. She spent nearly two decades at the helm of our fellow festival Banff Mountain Film in Canada and has written several highly acclaimed books about the exploits of great alpinists.

She returns to Mountainfilm in Telluride this year with her newest book Freedom Climbers (Rocky Mountain Books, Canada 2011), the story of a group of extraordinary Polish adventurers who emerged from under the blanket of oppression following World War II to become the world’s leading Himalayan climbers.

Freedom Climbers has already won three top prizes, including the Grand Prize at Banff Mountain Book Festival, where the jury said, “She has produced one of the most captivating books on the subject of mountaineering to have appeared in recent years.”

In Person:
  • Bernadette McDonald