Film Screening — Duration: 30 mins

Two climbers chose an ambitious line to tackle. It’s long, logistically challenging and comes with plenty of unknowns. It also happens to be in a grove of trees. Directed by John Waller (who brought us Into Darkness in 2011), Treeverse features Brian French and Will Koomjian as they  attempt a 1-kilometer transect through a grove of oak trees in northwest Oregon. The tree climbers eat, sleep and live among the branches as they move through the canopy — facing nasty weather, technical challenges and large gaps in the line as they pioneer a new method of getting from point A to B.

Right to Play

Film Screening — Duration: 42 mins

Were his Olympic speed-skating gold medals in 1994 his only legacy, Norwegian Johann Olav Koss might have just become another athlete living off dusty accomplishments. Instead, Koss used the same singular determination and focus that took him to the top of his sport to make a difference in the lives of some of the planet’s most vulnerable and victimized children. Recognizing that sport has mobilizing power, and seeing opportunity where others might have seen only obstacles, Koss gave up a career in medicine for the challenges of international aid and development and created a global organization called Right to Play. This feel-good documentary of the same name directed by part-time Tellurider Frank Marshall (one of the most accomplished producers in Hollywood) captures Koss’s guiding principle that all children have the right to play, and his legacy now, far from obscure, extends to some 700,000 children in 23 countries.