Julio Solis, A MoveShake Story

Film Screening — Duration: 10 mins

Julio Solis grew up near Magdalena Bay in Baja, Mexico, where turtles were plentiful. As he got older, he watched their population decrease from over harvesting, so he dedicated himself to conservation of the reptiles. This short film by Allie Bombach and Brenda Barrera is part of a series and profiles people who are doing the best they can to change the world.

The Lost Bird Project

Film Screening — Duration: 60 mins

Todd McGrain believes that forgetting is a type of cultural extinction, so he aims to keep memories alive for five extinct North American birds by placing large, bronze sculptures of them in the places where these creatures were last seen alive in the wild. By reintroducing these stories into the social memory of landscapes, he hopes his sculptures will spark interest, draw people into the birds’ sad tales and encourage the prevention of future losses. It’s a bold ambition for this somewhat shy and retiring artist, but McGrain willingly dares failure because he knows that we must not forget these birds.

Dag Goering & Maria Coffey Presentation


With rapid habitat loss across Asia and Africa, elephants are running out of room to roam — and, consequently, their buffer from humans is shrinking. Dag Goering and his wife Maria Coffey are trying to improve this situation by working toward enlightened conservation approaches in Asia and Africa.Inspired by watching the birth of a captive elephant in India, Goering, a veterinarian and photographer, and Coffey, an author, are dedicated to creating a paradigm where elephants and people are able to cohabitate. Collaborating with local groups and conservation organizations, they created the Elephant Earth Initiative and will speak about their work.

Goering’s striking photographs of elephants are on display at the Ah Haa School East Room.

In Person:
  • Dag Goering
  • Maria Coffey