Film Screening — Duration: 35 mins

Keith “Scramble” Campbell is a live artist who paints during the concerts of jam bands, such as Leftover Salmon. As the tagline for the films says, “You’ll never see music the same way again,” and part of the charm of this documentary is seeing how these two distinct art forms — painting and music — meet and interact. Campbell is an engaging central character for this documentary (a Mountainfilm 2012 premiere) as he is simultaneously an avid audience member and a performer, offering his own show on a canvas.

True Delta

Film Screening — Duration: 36 mins

"The Blues will never go away, but we are at the threshold of the last of the generations of the guys who were there — who were actually there when the art form was being created," says a character in True Delta. That’s the essence of this short documentary: Knowledge and experience from the oldsters needs to be passed to a younger generation to prevent the blues from fading away. Focusing on the Mississippi blues, directors Lee Quinby and Daniel Cowen (whose Facing the Waves played at Mountainfilm 2010), interview historians who explain the culture that has created this essential American music. They also showcase musicians who attest to the importance of the blues remaining culturally relevant.

True Delta Live Performance

Live Performance

The screening of the film True Delta will be followed by a live performance by one of the musicians in the film.