Nugget Theatre - May 28, 2011 - 8:30 p.m.

Date: May 28, 2011
Start Time: 8:30 p.m.
Location: Nugget Theatre

Summer Snapshot

Film Screening — Duration: 11 mins

There is nothing like summer and this well-made short offers a real sense of the season with Frisbees, guitars and, yes, skinny-dipping. When he heard Kodak was discontinuing Kodachrome film, director Ian McCluskey picked up a super-8 camera and “set out to make a short film about memory, with the look and feel of nostalgia–sun kissed and golden.” Lured by a cooler of tall boys and the promise of playing in the river, McCluskey and a group of friends piled into a wood-panel Wagoneer. The result is a sweet, yet sexy, narrative film that features an all-volunteer cast running around the river in various states of (un)dress. As one of the fictional characters says, “You know we still talk about it. We still talk about that day.”

The City Dark

Film Screening — Duration: 84 mins

Filmmaker Ian Cheney (Mountainfilm 2011, Truck Farm and speaking at the Symposium) looks up at the dark night sky and is disturbed by what he sees—or really doesn’t see. This exceptionally well-made film manages to be both heartbreaking and heartwarming and shows how disconcerting it is that a large proportion of the current population has no sense of what we have lost. At the same time, Cheney tells a story that introduces us to one person after another who is passionate about the night sky and who remain hopeful that their vision can bring back something that has gone missing.