Thomas Morgan

Thomas Morgan

  • 2018 — Director

For much of his career, Thomas Morgan worked as real estate developer and investment banker. But in 2009, after a “series of unlikely events,” he left the corporate world behind to become a documentary filmmaker and activist. His films have been labeled “Filmanthropy” as he has leveraged them to create movements and calls to action. They include Stories Streets, which captured the painful reality of homelessness in America, and Waiting for Mamu, which told the story of Pushpa Basnet, who at age 21 began helping free children from the prison floors in Nepal. The award winning film raised the money to build a permanent home, The Butterfly Home, in Kathmandu and assisted in supporting their education. His latest film is Soufra (Mountianfilm 2018). Morgan was executive producer on films such as Silenced and India's Daughter. Morgan is also a renowned keynote speaker who has spoken before the United Nations and on the TEDx stage. 

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