Fitz Cahall

Fitz Cahall

  • 2019 — Director
  • 2015 — Filmmaker
  • 2013 — Director

The founder of the outdoor radio show and podcast “Dirtbag Diaries,” Fitz Cahall is a gifted storyteller of all mediums written, visual and audio. An avid climber, his work is deeply rooted in the outdoor community, and his short films include Force and Frank and the Tower (both Mountainfilm 2015). Cahall is also behind the company Duct Tape Then Beer, which he describes as a “bizarre but wonderful amalgamation of a creative rocket ship, grassroots community building agent and advertising agency.” As a director, Cahall created The Gimp Monkeys, 35 Strong (all Mountainfilm 2013) and The Mighty Finn (Mountainfilm 2019).

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