Festival Programs

Perhaps the best way to understand the annual festival — short of actually attending — is to look through past programs. Each contains information about that year's films, special guests, social events, art exhibits and the Moving Mountains Symposium that explores a different issue every year. Programs from the past several years are available to view and download below. Listed beside each year is the theme of its respective symposium.

Mountainfilm Festival Programs

2019 - Equity
2018 – Migration
2017 – The New Normal
2016 – National Parks
2015 – Afghanistan
2014 – Wilderness
2013 – Climate Solutions
2012 – Population
2011 – Awareness into Action
2010 – Extinction
2009 – Food
2008 – Water
2007 – Energy

The latest festival program is also available on your smartphone: Download the Mountainfilm mobile app to see the most up-to-date festival information.