Dear Potential Sponsor,

Greetings from Telluride, Colorado, home of Mountainfilm. I welcome your interest in our organization. In the brochure below, you will find key information about our organization and the benefits of sponsorship.

When we think of impressions, we don’t automatically think in terms of your branding and how many sets of eyes will absorb your logo. We think of impressions in terms of the effect that powerful stories carry when brought to life through well-crafted images on a screen and the lasting memories that result from a deep dialogue with passionate artists, activists and adventurers. We've always been a small, homegrown and powerful organization with an impact that defies standard marketing terms.

Our audiences, at both the four-day festival in Telluride and on our world tour, are diverse but united in their enthusiasm for the important messages we convey. Our mission statement resonates with people today. Even as social, political, cultural and environmental crises proliferate, Mountainfilm provides a vision that is stable, clear, intelligent and, most of all, inspirational.

If you are intrigued by our vision, please contact me directly to explore the sponsorship options and opportunities. I look forward to the conversation.

Sage Martin
Mountainfilm Executive Director

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"..simply the best blend of art and thought I have had the pleasure of experiencing, so thank you. I have never seen such a concentration of truly admirable people in all my life. I have so much to share with friends who did not make it and so much that has affected me deeply that I will never quite be the same again."
Chris Riley, manager, strategic planning, Apple Computer, Inc.