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Mountainfilm on Outside Television

Mountainfilm in Telluride has been partnering with Outside Television the last few years in creating the fantastic new show Outside Film Festival. Hosts Darian Boyle, Lynsey Dyer & David LaHuta present the very best from Mountainfilm in Telluride, the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival, and from independent producers around the world. Films that matter reflect the heart and soul of humanitarian efforts, while combing the very best action from the adventures the world has to offer. Watch Now!

Every year during the annual festival in Telluride, Mountainfilm gathers leading adventurers, artists and activists from around the world. From extreme athletes to cutting-edge scientists, explorers, authors and the best of independent documentary filmmakers, Mountainfilm consistently attracts a uniquely diverse and inspiring cadre of thinkers and doers. 

Many of these special Mountainfilm presenters and guests have agreed to be interviewed on video and have addressed issues that matter in their particular realms of experience and expertise—issues that, almost invariably, matter a great deal to all of us, individually and to the planet as a whole.

These conversations form the basis for a proposed programming series that we call “Minds of Mountainfilm.” The series entails a wide range of subjects and a variety of approaches. From very short (two- to four-minute) clips that have a highly targeted market to longer, more in-depth pieces that have more universal appeal and that could fill a half-hour television slot, “Minds of Mountainfilm” is a flexible and highly adaptable series that lends itself readily to multi-media distribution.