There has, perhaps, never before been a time when Mountainfilm’s mission statement and motto have had more resonance with more people than they do today. As social, political, cultural and environmental crises proliferate, Mountainfilm provides a vision that is stable, clear, intelligent and powerful.
Following is a sampling of testimonials to that vision, both as it is presented at the festival in Telluride and on tour. As much as anything, these serve as our measures of success and are representative of the kinds of tributes that have consistently been paid to us over the past three decades.
"I thought this was simply the best blend of art and thought I have had the pleasure of experiencing, so thank you. I have never seen such a concentration of truly admirable people in all my life. I have so much to share with friends who did not make it and so much that has affected me deeply that I will never quite be the same again."
—Chris Riley, manager, strategic planning, Apple Computer, Inc.
"Mountainfilm in Telluride is the single most inspiring event that I attend each year. It is a chance to rub elbows with modern-day heroes, with people who are actually making a difference. A chance to see films that would be lost. A chance to find out what’s really happening in the world and to meet people who are living their dreams."
—Ace Kvale, adventure photographer
"All the best people I’ve ever known, I met at Mountainfilm."
—Wade Davis, ethno-botanist
"Simultaneously inspiring, devastating, profound, hopeful. My battery is charged for a few months of hard work now."
—Chris Jordan, artist
"Congratulations on one heck of a brilliant festival! We enjoyed ourselves immensely and came away filled to the very brim. In fact, I can’t remember a festival I enjoyed more. You guys are great and the entire weekend was perfect in every way. What an inspiring, illuminating experience."
—Lori Rick, director of PR: MacGillivray Freeman Films
"What a fantastic event you’re running—storytelling with beauty and consciousness. A wonderful balance of nature, media, conversation and local kindness. An honor to be a part of it. I had an amazing few days."
—Jonathan Stack, filmmaker
"An amazing event! It is a program that is both dazzling to the eye and richly layered with ideas about the breadth of culture and craft. It reminds us of the force of filmmaking about things that matter, worlds worth exploring and conversations worth sustaining."
—Ken Burns, filmmaker
"There are other film festivals that are aesthetically interesting, but no others that I know of are so politically, socially, culturally and environmentally important. I wish that every moviegoer in America could find his way to Telluride."
—Andre Gregory, actor, playwright