Technical Details

Technical Requirements

Mountainfilm works to ensure the best possible technical experience at our shows. With this said, there are a number of factors—such as venue selection, sound system, projector and screen—that can have a dramatic impact on the overall experience. It is recommended that you, the host, strive to find a venue with the best technical equipment available to create a high-impact show.

Our Equipment

Our films are played through a Sony GV-HD700/1 deck that exports video and audio through the following output options:
    •    HDMI
    •    S-Video
    •    Stereo RCA Outputs or 1/8 Audio Jack

Film Format

Our presenter will travel with the Sony player and films, which are in miniHDV format. These high definition, digital tapes, offer the highest resolution playback possible, and will require an additional projectionist or volunteer to assist with the changing of tapes between each film.


Typically a tour host will provide a digital projector capable of accepting one of the two video inputs listed above.
Audio/Sound Systems
As with projectors, a sound system is typically provided by the tour host. Please contact the Mountainfilm World Tour office for details.


Email: Jessica Galbo
Assistant Director, Mountainfilm on Tour

cell: 970.728-4123 extension 20

The Conversation

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