Zachary Barr

Zachary Barr began his career at REEL ROCK with a trip to Mt. Everest that resulted in the multiple-award-winning film High Tension. He brought a decade of experience in public media and storytelling — starting at the NPR oral-history project “StoryCorps,” and then producing and reporting for Colorado Public Radio. Barr earned a degree in history from Lewis and Clark College and a certificate in documentary radio from the Salt Institute in Maine. Barr’s films include Showdown at Horseshoe Hell (Mountainfilm 2016), Boys in the Bugs (Mountainfilm 2017), Up to Speed and Age of Ondra (both Mountainfilm 2019), Reel Rock 15: Black Ice and Reel Rock 15: Action Directe (Mountainfilm 2021) and Reel Reel Rock 16: Cenote (Mountainfilm 2022) and Reel Rock: Resistance Climbing (Mountainfilm 2023). He now shares his love of climbing with his two sons, who insist on bringing plenty of books and crackers to the crag.