Harvest of Shadows

In the lush and fertile farmland of California, thousands of undocumented laborers find themselves between a rock and a hard place, working illegally with forged paperwork and earning an average of only $12,000 per year. A poignant snapshot of what it means to live as a migrant worker, Harvest of Shadows gives a face to the nameless.

The Guardians

Fighting threats of poaching, habitat destruction and the instability of new national independence, a community in Namibia must protect the exceptional local wildlife and surrounding natural environment. Sustainable wildlife tourism is essential to their survival, but frustrated farmers often shoot a lion that kills livestock. Residents take conservation efforts into their own hands, assuming personal responsibility to protect the free-roaming lions and other wildlife.

The Grand Rescue

Mountain rescue is always a risky proposition, so those who are attracted to the job tend to be strapping, young and full of verve — and nerve. This was definitely the case in 1967, when a group of seven national park rangers in the Grand Tetons risked their lives to save an injured climber. On August 22, Gaylord Campbell was climbing the north face of the Grand Teton with a friend when a boulder broke free and showered them with rocks, leaving Campbell with compound fractures.

Freedom Summer

In the summer of 1964, the Civil Rights Movement was active in Mississippi, where hundreds of activists were trying to register black voters across the state. Freedom Summer — a sequel of sorts to Freedom Riders (Mountainfilm 2010), which was also directed by Stanley Nelson — tells the story of that tumultuous summer, looking closely at the brave men and women who risked or lost their lives in the effort to make a fundamental change.

The Fortune Wild

If Wes Anderson were inspired to make a surf film, it might look like The Fortune Wild. Borrowing from Anderson’s signature style, director Ben Gulliver creates a witty and light-hearted film about a beautiful wild area — Haida Gwaii, a chain of wave-swept, lushly forested islands off the British Columbia mainland.


Human rights crises can erupt so suddenly that they catch people off-guard. That’s where the Emergencies Team — or E-Team — of Human Rights Watch comes in. They are tasked with uncovering evidence that will show the rest of the world what actually takes place in such hotspots as Libya or, most recently, Syria.

Emptying the Skies

Just as The Cove (Mountainfilm 2009) exposed the tragic slaughtering of the dolphins of Taiji, Emptying the Skies serves European migratory songbirds with a similar purpose.

Duke and the Buffalo

Duke is a cowboy. The buffalo are part of the largest conservation herd of bison in the United States. Every year, Duke organizes a roundup of theses buffalo to inspect the health of the herd and yield income to sustain the Nature Conservancy-owned ranch where the buffalo roam. It turns out that bison aren’t as easily herded as cattle, and a lot of cowboy mettle gets tested every year.

Dubai - A Skier's Journey

A desert oasis beckons. Is it a mirage, or is that really a chairlift? Talented filmmakers Jordan Manley and Daniel Irvine has been following skiers around the globe for years for their series “A Skier’s Journey,” but in this episode, they’ve stumbled across a strange location for rippers. Ski Dubai is a small hill with a 200-foot vertical rise that’s built into a luxury shopping mall in the largest sand desert on the planet. Massive air-conditioning fans whir to cool the single slope, while temperatures outside soar above 100 degrees.

Desert Ice

With its towering sandstone walls, scurrying lizards and desert sun, Zion National Park isn’t a famed ice climbing destination. But during winter’s coldest days, if the conditions are right, ice can form inside its deep, shadowy slot canyons, creating frozen pitches amid incredible red rock formations. In Desert Ice, ice climbers Scott Adamson and Jesse Huey set out in search of Zion ice. What they discover is a rowdy adventure of bushwacking and runouts, ice runnels and sandstone, snowfall and chimneys and, in the end, glorious ice.