Mountainfilm Commitment Grant

The submission period for the Mountainfilm Commitment Grant is now closed and the 2014 class of grantees have been selected. Read more about them here.

We are committed to help creative individuals tell stories that represent the spirit of the Mountainfilm festival. Grants are awarded to filmmakers, photographers, artists and adventurers whose projects are intended to move audiences to action on issues that matter. Interested parties should apply if they’re creating a work that can be presented in a theater, gallery or more broadly on television and online. We are particularly looking for projects that will have a positive and tangible effect on specific and vital issues. It's also essential that the project is invested with both the passion and capacity to be completed fully. The overarching intention of our granting program is to help ensure that important stories are not only told, but also heard.


The grant is open to anyone who has participated in Mountainfilm in Telluride as a filmmaker or presenter or has been recommended by a Mountainfilm participant.

Creatively, we are interested in projects that:

  • incorporate moving pictures, photos, words, art materials or a combination to tell a critical story.

  • take audiences to places they’ve never been and tell them stories they’ve never heard.

  • use unconventional approaches to form and process.

What we expect from our investments:

  • short regular updates on progress with photos, clips, etc. in addition to a final presentation.

  • a clear willingness to work with Mountainfilm to get the story out to a larger audience.

  • a small thank you credit (on films, etc.).


Deadline: June 30, 2014

Letters of Interest (LOIs) must be no longer than 400 words; longer letters will be disqualified.

LOIS must be submitted via our online webform (below). Before clicking through to submit a LOI, be prepared to provide the following information: 

  1. Project title (or working title).
  2. Applicant's name (must be an individual, not an organization).
  3. List either: a) your previous involvement with Mountainfilm in Telluride or b) the name and contact information of your reference, including their involvement with Mountainfilm.
  4. The word count of your LOI.
  5. Text of LOI (400 words or less).
  6. Feel free to include weblinks within your LOI, but additional documents or attachments are not allowed.

The text of your LOI should include or address: 

  • a short description of the project.
  • brief information about your experience and that of any important partners.
  • how or why the Mountainfilm Commitment Grant is important for your work.

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive a confirmation email to say that your LOI has been received within 24 hours after your submission, please call 970-728-4123 x 12 before June 30 to inquire about your submission status.

Fifteen finalists will be chosen to complete the full grant application. We will post the list of finalists on our website on July 31, 2014. Full applications are due August 31, 2014, and grant awards will be disbursed by November 1, 2014.

Thank you for your interest in Mountainfilm's Commitment Grant. If you have any additional questions, please email