Katie Mustard: Soul of the Sea

Soul of the Sea is a documentary that follows one woman’s unrelenting desire to solo kayak the most challenging waters on the planet, for the sake of saving an animal whose future is uncertain.

They say that at 40° latitude there is no law, but at 50° latitude there is no God. The Island of South Georgia is both lawless and Godless; there is no compassion and no room for error. At its most sublime time of year, the cursed island breaks world records with a hurricane-force wind reaching 110 miles an hour. Hazardous seas constantly batter the steep and rugged terrain and fearless animals gather in abundance and dominate the few accessible beaches. Hayley Shephard could think of only one way to approach these inhospitable rocky shores: alone by kayak.
On January 22, 2010, wilderness guide and expedition leader, Shephard set out to attempt the very first solo sea kayak expedition around the remote island. However like Hayley’s hero, Sir Ernest Shackleton—the Antarctic explorer who turned disaster into the most famous lesson in survival, her expedition did not go as planned.


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