Je Veux

2012 Germany / Duration: 13 mins Directed by: Joachim Hellinger

You’ve never seen a climbing film like Je Veux. Joachim Hellinger, who has been bringing his inventive and well-produced mountaineering and adventure films to Mountainfilm in Telluride for 20 years, is a bit of a Francophile. He fell in love with the music of French singer Zaz (one of the most popular and identifiable musicians in France today) and was in the unique position to help her carry out her dream: performing on the top of the tallest mountain in Europe. At an altitude of 15,781 feet, climbing Mont Blanc is no small feat, especially considering that Zaz’s small band includes an acoustic contrabass. Those not familiar with Zaz will fall in love with her unassuming songs that are rooted in jazz and traditional French music; the mountaineers in the audience will be impressed, as well.

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