Among Giants

2011 USA / Duration: 13 mins Directed by: Chris Cresci, Ben Mullinkosson, Sam Price-Waldman

In 2008, a company called Green Diamond Resource Company began clear-cutting redwood trees in northern California’s McKay Tract, a lush and shadowy forest that was home to towering trees, tall ferns and wildlife. A group of activists responded by moving into the trees, setting up their lives in tarp structures in the lofty canopies among the trill of birdsong and the patter of rainfall. Among Giants focuses on one of the activists, Farmer, who has been living in the trees for three years and etches out a solitary and soggy existence based on faith and resistance. He hopes that, ultimately, his sacrifices will stave off the cut and preserve the forest that he has come to know as home. He says, “It’s not just about this one place, it’s about the whole area and really about the whole planet.”

2012 Official Selection Mountainfilm in Telluride

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