Festival Films

11-Year-Old Girl Shatters Climbing Records

2013 USA / Duration: 9 mins
Directed by Danny Stolzman
This girl climbs, and she's really really good. —Clark Hopgood, age 6


2014 USA / Duration: 9 mins
Directed by George Knowles
Climbers all have a story about how they got started, and 14-year-old Kai Lighter’s introduction is particularly striking — and not only because he’s a brilliant climber. Much like Tiger Woods in golf or the Williams sisters in tennis, he could change the demographics of climbing.

64 mph

2014 USA / Duration: 3 mins
The San Joaquin Couloir is one of Telluride’s most iconic backcountry lines. Greg Hope is one of the town’s best-known rippers. In 64 mph, the two meet for one slough-dodging, high-velocity descent.

A Beautiful Waste

2012 USA / Duration: 6 mins
Directed by Jon Kasbe
We last saw Steve Duncan in Telluride in 2011 with his award-winning film Undercity, where he explored way below and way above New York City. In A Beautiful Waste, he journeys down to the core of the Big Apple to wander its sewers.

A Life Well Lived | Jim Whittaker & 50 Years of Everest

2013 USA / Duration: 4 mins
Directed by Eric Becker
For Jim Whittaker, the first American to stand atop Mt. Everest, a life well lived means stepping outside of his comfort zone regularly.

A Toy Train in Space

2012 USA / Duration: 3 mins
Directed by Ron Fugelseth
A father sends his son's favorite toy train to space and films and tracks its journey. —Wiley Holbrooke, age 12


2012 Germany / Duration: 4 mins
Directed by Shoko Hara, Paul Brenner
A beautiful animation about a sad story. —Kitty Holbrooke, age 14

Alive Inside: A Story of Music & Memory

2014 USA / Duration: 73 mins
When filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett learned that a clip of his work-in-progress film Alive Inside had leaked and gone viral on the Internet, he was  — surprisingly — thrilled.

An Honest Liar

2014 USA / Duration: 84 mins
James "The Amazing" Randi became a world-famous magician and escape artist by studying the art of illusion employed by Harry Houdini and other master magicians.
Begin Again

Begin Again

2013 USA / Duration: 5 mins
Surfer John John Florence continues to reinvent surfing with his extremely powerful, almost inhuman ability to push the boundaries on a wave.
Blink of an Eye

Blink of an Eye

2013 Spain / Duration: 4 mins
Directed by Niels Windfeldt
Television-broadcasted downhill ski races do not reflect the actual speeds or crushing forces that alpine racers endure. This remarkable short film by Antimedia attempts to expose the raw mental pressure inherent in the sport by capturing the incredible skill and focus of Aksel Lund Svindal.

Born to Fly

2014 USA / Duration: 83 mins
Directed by Catherine Gund
Elizabeth Streb believes humans can walk on walls, hover in space and fly. And she proves it. Streb is a choreographer who defines herself as a wildly extreme action architect. The heart and soul of Streb’s dance is closer to the philosophy of climbers and BASE jumpers than you might imagine.

Bryan and Kaia

2014 USA / Duration: 3 mins
Directed by Jonathan Kang
Mountain biker Bryan Gregory attempts to keep up with his dog, Kaia, on a piece of Pacific Northwest single track. This film might not appeal to cat people, but if you’re a dog person, your little heart may just burst with joy.

Castles In The Sky

2013 USA / Duration: 5 mins
Directed by Ben Moon
As climber Sonnie Trotter establishes a stunning 5.14 route on Castle Mountain in the Canadian Rockies, this short film digs deeper into his motivations, which flow from a place of creativity and all-consuming passion.

Catch It

2013 USA/Norway / Duration: 10 mins
Directed by Sarah Menzies
Though she grew up chasing surf in the warm waters of southern France, Lea Brassy’s nomadic lifestyle has led her to Northern Norway, where frigid waves crash into a rugged coastline and mountains rise straight up from the sea.

Cold Rolled

2013 USA / Duration: 20 mins
Directed by Aaron Peterson
In recent years, Telluride has seen a spate of fat bike riders. Strike that. In recent years, Telluride has seen a spate of bicyclists who ride bikes with super fat tires, some as wide as 4.5 inches.

Coming Home

2014 USA / Duration: 3 mins
Directed by Aly Nicklas
Aly Nicklas grew up in Alaska, two blocks from the lifts of Alyeska. She quit high school and moved to the mountains of Colorado to pursue her lifelong dream of competitive snowboarding.

Coming up for Air

2014 Ireland / Duration: 5 mins
Directed by Mickey Smith
This visually crushing short film by legendary cold-water surf photographer Mickey Smith might be classified more appropriately as a poem. Disturbingly heavy waves, documented at high frame rates, are rendered in icy tones and narrated with sparse, humble words.

Common Ground

2014 USA / Duration: 16 mins
Directed by Alexandria Bombach
The fight to preserve wilderness is not waged by just wooly-headed radicals and bleeding-heart intellectuals.

Creative Compulsive Disorder

2014 USA / Duration: 6 mins
Directed by Stormy Pyeatte
A fatal hiking accident in Ouray, Colorado, cut Zina Lahr’s artistic life short. Shot as a video for her portfolio, this short film now serves as a fitting tribute to a creative who will continue to touch people with her effervescent nature and work.


2014 USA / Duration: 85 mins
Directed by Ben Knight, Travis Rummel
When Floyd Dominy, the longtime commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation, died in 2010, The Washington Post referred to him as a “Big Dam Builder and Public Servant.” After watching DamNation, the first assessment is clear, but the second is questionable.


2011 UK / Duration: 9 mins
Directed by Richard Phelan
A beaver dreams about building a huge dam, but doesn't think of the consequences. —Raven Hopgood, age 12

Dear Governor Hickenlooper

2014 USA / Duration: 68 mins
Directed by Stash T. Wislocki
Inspired by the 2013 Mountainfilm selection Dear Governor Cuomo, this compiling by Colorado creatives follows Shane Davis (a.k.a. The Fractivist) as he guides us through a series of vignettes.

Desert Ice

2014 USA / Duration: 12 mins
Directed by Keith Ladzinski
With its towering sandstone walls, scurrying lizards and desert sun, Zion National Park isn’t a famed ice climbing destination.


2014 USA / Duration: 5 mins
Directed by Skip Armstrong
If you dare give acclaimed director Skip Armstrong full creative control over a short kayak film, you'll get a sneak peak into the depths of his mind.

Dubai - A Skier's Journey

2013 Canada / Duration: 10 mins
A desert oasis beckons. Is it a mirage, or is that really a chairlift? Talented filmmakers Jordan Manley and Daniel Irvine has been following skiers around the globe for years for their series “A Skier’s Journey,” but in this episode, they’ve stumbled across a strange location for rippers.

Duke and the Buffalo

2013 USA / Duration: 16 mins
Duke is a cowboy. The buffalo are part of the largest conservation herd of bison in the United States. Every year, Duke organizes a roundup of theses buffalo to inspect the health of the herd and yield income to sustain the Nature Conservancy-owned ranch where the buffalo roam.


2014 USA / Duration: 88 mins
Human rights crises can erupt so suddenly that they catch people off-guard. That’s where the Emergencies Team — or E-Team — of Human Rights Watch comes in.

El Sendero Luminoso

2014 USA / Duration: 7 mins
Directed by Renan Ozturk
World-renowned free solo climber Alex Honnold went to Mexico in January with the talented Camp4 film crew in hopes of capturing what many regard as the most difficult ropeless climb ever attempted in history.

Emptying the Skies

2014 USA / Duration: 78 mins
Directed by Roger Kass, Douglas Kass
Just as The Cove (Mountainfilm 2009) exposed the tragic slaughtering of the dolphins of Taiji, Emptying the Skies serves European migratory songbirds with a similar purpose.

Fear of Flying

2012 Ireland / Duration: 9 mins
Directed by Conor Finnegan
A bird has bad dreams about flying and tries to get over it. —Maia Coe, age 9

Forest Scene From Valhalla

2013 USA / Duration: 4 mins
Tree skiing without snow!

Fracking 101

2014 USA / Duration: 7 mins
An animated tutorial on that buzz word you read in the news every day! Fracking 101 is an excerpt from the feature-length film, Deal Governor Hickenlooper, which played to sold-out audiences at the 2014 festival.

Freedom Summer

2013 USA / Duration: 113 mins
Directed by Stanley Nelson
In the summer of 1964, the Civil Rights Movement was active in Mississippi, where hundreds of activists were trying to register black voters across the state.

Harvest of Shadows

2013 USA / Duration: 8 mins
Directed by Matt Black
In the lush and fertile farmland of California, thousands of undocumented laborers find themselves between a rock and a hard place, working illegally with forged paperwork and earning an average of only $12,000 per year.

High Tension

2013 USA / Duration: 36 mins
In the spring of 2013, "The Swiss Machine” Ueli Steck set out to climb Mount Everest and then neighboring Lhotse without oxygen.

Into the Mind — Bella Coola Gnar

2014 USA / Duration: 6 mins
Perhaps the best seven minutes ever in a ski film: Sherpas Cinema spares no expense to film some of the most amazing ski footage on the planet.

Isle de Jean Charles

2014 USA / Duration: 10 mins
In the next two years, the Isle de Jean Charles is expected to flood and be lost to sea, but the resilient inhabitants on this tiny southern Louisiana island would tell you otherwise.
Kelly McGarry Rampage

Kelly McGarry Rampage

2013 USA / Duration: 3 mins
Directed by Kelly McGarry
Professional mountain biker Kelly McGarry recorded his run at the 2013 Red Bull Rampage with a helmet-mounted GoPro camera. The simple, unedited footage took the Internet by storm, garnering a mind-blowing 18 million views.

Light Goes On

2013 USA / Duration: 2 mins
Directed by Darren Pearson
Movies are good. Yeah. —Zoe Cooper, age 2

Likebomb Skiing

2014 USA / Duration: 5 mins
Directed by Erik Henriksson
Lacking snow, but clearly not courage and poise, Johan Jonsson skis lines that any sane person would avoid. Directed and filmed by Erik Henriksson.

Living in a Food Desert

2014 USA / Duration: 5 mins
Program Students in Baltimore talk about food deserts. —Wiley Holbrooke, age 12

Living Wild

2011 USA/France / Duration: 52 mins
Directed by Eric Valli
Lynx Vilden’s goal before she turns 50 is unusual: She wants to take a community of individuals into the wilderness for one year to live as our ancestors did thousands of years ago — metal, plastic and glass to be replaced by leat

Love in the Tetons

2014 USA / Duration: 10 mins
Directed by Amy Marquis, Dana Romanoff
Juan Martinez grew up in urban Los Angeles, but when he stepped off a bus in Grand Teton National Park in 1999 and saw the stars for the first time, he knew his life would be in the outdoors.

Maple Syrup

2013 Canada / Duration: 2 mins
Directed by Yoshino Aoki
A girl makes maple syrup. —Clark Hopgood, age 6


2013 USA / Duration: 87 mins
Directed by Mark Grieco
The small town of Marmato perches precariously on the slope of a mountain in Columbia riddled with primitive gold mines. For 500 years, the community has sustained its economy by drilling and dynamiting the mountain’s rich veins, barely denting the estimated $20 billion of reserves.

Marshland Dreams

2013 USA / Duration: 5 mins
Directed by John Antonelli
Once the largest ecosystem in the Middle East, and the rich homeland of Sumerians for millennia, the Mesopotamian Marshes were destroyed systematically by Saddam Hussein so that they couldn’t shelter rebel forces. Drained and burned, the vital wetland habitat seemed lost forever.

Mending the Line

2014 USA / Duration: 48 mins
Directed by Steve Engman
In 1944, 20-year-old Frank Moore landed on the beaches of Normandy. Crossing through the occupied French countryside, the young soldier daydreamed about coming back in peacetime to fish the bucolic streams.

Mission Blue

2014 USA / Duration: 95 mins
Sylvia Earle has been to Mountainfilm many times, most recently in 2008 for the symposium that explored the theme of water.

Moment’s Notice

2014 USA / Duration: 5 mins
Directed by Jeff Thomas
Japan’s endlessly deep powder gives itself over to willing participants who drop everything to fly over for the trip of a life time.

My Happy End

2013 Germany / Duration: 6 mins
Directed by Milen Vitanov
A dog makes friends with his tail. —Wiley Holbrooke, age 12

North Slope, Alaska

2012 USA / Duration: 2 mins
Directed by Chris Hanson
Daily life on the Alaskan North Slope is about the mundane reality of moving oil through hundreds of miles of a pipeline’s stiff steel sleeve.

Nude Scene from Valhalla

2013 USA / Duration: 3 mins
It’s time to clear the kids out of the park if you’re uncomfortable with nudity. Taken from Sweetgrass Production of Valhalla, this clip is outrageous and brilliant at the same time.

Off-Width Outlaw

2013 USA / Duration: 6 mins
Directed by Celin Serbo
In a sport that is not for the weak or easily discouraged, Pamela Shanti Pack excels.

Once Upon a Forest

2013 France / Duration: 75 mins
Directed by Luc Jacquet
Francis Hallé is a French botanist who has spent his life exploring, studying and marveling at the great tropical forests of the world.

Parking Lot Culture

2014 USA / Duration: 7 mins
Directed by Sam Giffin
This short introduces the people who want first tracks so badly that they sleep in vans and camper vehicles parked at the base of the ski area.

Point and Shoot

2014 USA / Duration: 82 mins
Directed by Marshall Curry
After seeing a TV show about an Australian adventurer, 27-year-old Matthew Van Dyke decides to take a “crash course in manhood.” He buys a motorcycle and a video camera and spends four years rambling around the world and filming everything he sees.


2014 USA / Duration: 6 mins
Directed by Timmy O’Neill
In his youth, Sean O’Neill suffered an injury that left him paralyzed. However confined the accident rendered his body, he retained a vigorous spirit that pushes him to fight against self-pity and surrender.

Project Boom

2014 USA / Duration: 9 mins
The Rulison Project of 1969 unleashed a 40 kiloton, underground, nuclear explosion, meant to loosen the vast stores of natural gas trapped beneath western Colorado.

Queens & Cowboys: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo

2014 USA / Duration: 93 mins
Directed by Matthew Livadary
At his first — and last — college rodeo practice, Chris Sherman’s collegiate roping team discovered his sexual orientation. After that, he couldn’t find a roping partner, lost his scholarship and dropped out of school. Sherman’s story is just one of many.
Unidentified Protestor


2014 USA / Duration: 8 mins
Blanding, UT. Amidst rising tensions between the Bureau of Land Management and County Government, County Commissioner Phil Lyman stages an illegal ATV ride through a protected canyon to protest perceived government overreach.

Seeds of Time

2013 USA / Duration: 77 mins
Directed by Sandy McLeod
Far in the frozen north, on a remote island near the North Pole, lies a magical and beautiful place that houses treasures beyond imagination.


2014 USA / Duration: 12 mins
Directed by David Byars
Quirky and clever, Self-Storage is a narrative short directed by Telluride’s David Byars that tells the story of a lovable loser who works at a particularly American institution, a facility that stores stuff.

Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony

2013 USA / Duration: 26 mins
Directed by Jeremiah Zagar
Ten years after Morgan Spurlock made his mark with Super Size Me, he returns to the subject of food with Gluttony, one episode in a highly stylized Showtime series he hosts called “Seven Deadly Sins.” Be forewarned, t


2013 USA / Duration: 2 mins
A comic dog. —Maia Coe, age 9

Song of the Cicadas

2013 USA / Duration: 30 mins
Directed by Richard Robinson
This artful and evocative short film juxtaposes the solitude, loneliness and transformation of a prisoner with the cicada, an insect who spends 17 years of life isolated underground.

Sound of the Void

2013 Germany / Duration: 14 mins
Directed by Marten Persiel
When he was young, Sébastien de Sainte Marie saw a picture of Sylvain Saudan, “Skier of the Impossible,” and knew what he wanted to do with his life. Today, the Swiss skier picks extreme lines that few dare to try.
Spice Girl

Spice Girl

2013 USA / Duration: 25 mins
The U.K. climbing scene is notorious both for its strict traditional ethics and its high caliber of danger. And, unsurprisingly, it’s a pretty macho scene. But one woman — the petite blonde Hazel Findlay — is putting the lads to shame.

Stars Above Lofoten

2013 Norway / Duration: 3 mins
Directed by Jorn Nyseth Ranum
A group of Norwegian students on a star-gazing field trip learn about astronomy and astrophysics and also get philosophical about their place in the universe.


2013 Australia / Duration: 20 mins
Directed by Jilli Rose
Long thought to be extinct, the Lord Howe Island stick insect was rediscovered under a bush on a desolate craggy island peak far off the coast of Australia.


2013 USA / Duration: 10 mins
Directed by Robin Berghaus
“The situation is so horrible, one way to grapple with it is by laughing at it,” says Will Lautzenheiser, a filmmaker who found himself infected mysteriously by a deadly bacteria. He survived with his life, but not his limbs.


2013 USA / Duration: 18 mins
Directed by Cedar Wright
With breathtaking free solo feats, blistering speed records and ascents of rock faces around the planet, Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright are at the top of their gam

Summer Light

2013 USA / Duration: 4 mins
Directed by Max Lowe
Skipping stones and plunging into the river from a bridge.The laughter of a pretty girl. Songbirds and the thick gold light of a summer evening and moments unbound. This short film is both an ode to summer and a reminder to hold on to the magical and sun-drenched memories of youth.

Super Size Me

2004 USA / Duration: 100 mins
Directed by Morgan Spurlock
In 2004, the food movement was still gathering momentum when Morgan Spurlock’s groundbreaking documentary Super Size Me arrived in theaters.


2013 Canada / Duration: 10 mins
Directed by Mike Douglas
With a graceful style and aggressive lines, Wendy Fisher ruled the women’s big mountain freeskiing scene from 1996 to 2004. She skied Alaskan spines, hucked cliffs, starred in movie segments, won many championships, kept up with male cohorts and inspired a new generation of female badasses.

Take Away Film: Uganda

2014 USA/France / Duration: 35 mins
This long-form music video features talent from three continents: Africa, Europe and North America.

Tashi and the Monk

2014 India / Duration: 40 mins
In a remote community in the foothills of the Himalaya, a former monk struggles under the weight of his calling. Once a spiritual teacher in the U.S., Lobsang returned to India to create a community for orphaned and neglected children.

The Apothecary

2013 USA / Duration: 18 mins
Directed by Helen Hood Scheer
Nucla, Colorado, just an hour’s drive from Telluride, has seen hard times ever since the U.S. uranium industry collapsed in the late 1970s. It’s a hardscrabble town, where the folks who haven’t fled barely eke out a living.
The Balloon Highline

The Balloon Highline

2014 France / Duration: 5 mins
Slacklining no longer seems to need the expanse of  trees, crevasses or other earthbound objects — only some kind helium and a cool buzz. 

The Fortune Wild

2014 Canada / Duration: 22 mins
Directed by Ben Gulliver
If Wes Anderson were inspired to make a surf film, it might look like The Fortune Wild.

The Grand Rescue

2013 USA / Duration: 53 mins
Mountain rescue is always a risky proposition, so those who are attracted to the job tend to be strapping, young and full of verve — and nerve. This was definitely the case in 1967, when a group of seven national park rangers in the Grand Tetons risked their lives to save an injured climber.

The Guardians

2014 USA/Namibia / Duration: 6 mins
Directed by Jenny Nichols, Andy Maser
Fighting threats of poaching, habitat destruction and the instability of new national independence, a community in Namibia must protect the exceptional local wildlife and surrounding natural environment.

The Karsts of China

2014 USA / Duration: 7 mins
Directed by Keith Ladzinski
Sprinkled across the vast country of China are pockets of geologic wonder: surreal forests of limestone fins, monumental arches and slender towers that reach into the sky.

The Last Season

2014 USA / Duration: 81 mins
Directed by Sara Dosa
Mushrooms are a strange and mysterious species, whose infinitesimal filament roots can go dormant for many seasons until growing conditions become just right.

The Lion’s Mouth Opens

2014 USA / Duration: 16 mins
Directed by Lucy Walker
In 2010, filmmaker Lucy Walker brought to Mountainfilm the unforgettable story of Vik Muniz, the Brazilian artist in Waste Land.

The Notorious Mr. Bout

2014 USA/Russia / Duration: 94 mins
Before being arrested by the FBI in a sting operation in Thailand in 2008, Viktor Bout claimed to be a Russian entrepreneur and family man with interests in global cultures and filmmaking. U.S. prosecutors believed his interests were of a different nature, namely weapons trafficking.

The Opposition

2013 Chile / Duration: 22 mins
The Opposition shows the overthrow of democratically elected Chilean President Salvador Allende from a new perspective.

The Overnighters

2014 USA / Duration: 100 mins
Directed by Jesse Moss
At first, this thoughtfully made documentary seems to be about fracking because it takes place in Williston, North Dakota, which is essentially ground zero for natural gas extraction in the U.S.

The Questions We Ask

2014 USA/Canada / Duration: 100 mins
Directed by Kalum Ko
A poetic meditation on the nature of adventure, The Questions We Ask features Canadian Bruce Kirby, who crossed the Georgia Straight from Vancouver to Victoria on a stand up paddleboard in the spring of 2013.

The Record Breaker

2013 USA / Duration: 25 mins
Directed by Brian McGinn
Ashrita Furman is the greatest record breaker of all time. Underwater bicycling, upside-down juggling, splitting apples with a samurai sword — you name it. Ashrita has done it. And set a record in the process.
The Weight of Mountains

The Weight of Mountains

2014 UK / Duration: 12 mins
Directed by Temujin Doran
We should never take mountains lightly. Because, as this short film makes beautifully clear, the processes that combine to create, sustain and, ultimately, destroy the world’s mountains are elemental, powerful and deep with meaning — meaning that may exceed our capacity to measure.

The Whale Story

2012 USA / Duration: 4 mins
Directed by Tess Martin
A beautiful interpretation of the story of a caught whale. —Kitty Holbrooke, age 14

Trail Riders of the Wilderness

1929 USA / Duration: 10 mins
Directed by K.D. Swan
In the 1920s, nature photographer K.D. Swan worked for the U.S. Forest Service in and around what is now the Bob Marshall Wilderness, one of the largest designated wilderness areas in the Lower 48.
Tyler Howell

Tyler Howell

2014 USA / Duration: 4 mins
Directed by Jack Boston
Downhill skateboarder Tyler Howell embraces his surf style in the hills of Santa Barbara, California, stylishly descending at vomit-inducing speeds — wearing nothing more than a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.


2014 USA / Duration: 88 mins
Directed by Diana Whitten
Warship blockades and furious protests often await Rebecca Gomperts and her Women on Waves team when they sail their ship to foreign ports and offer women access to the abortion pill.


2014 UK / Duration: 93 mins
Directed by Orlando von Einsiedel
This stunning documentary is so well crafted that it feels like fiction. Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is Africa’s oldest national park, a UNESCO world heritage site and the last intact habitat for the critically endangered mountain gorilla.

Vultures of Tibet

2013 USA / Duration: 21 mins
Directed by Russell O. Bush
On the Tibetan Plateau in Western China, the material culture of a rapidly modernizing society clashes with the customs and practices of a rich spiritual tradition. The differences between Chinese secularity and the deep faith of Buddhist Tibetans are pronounced.

Walled In

2013 USA / Duration: 35 mins
Directed by Ben Stookesberry
Ostensibly, Walled In is the story of a first descent of the rowdy Marble Fork of the Kaweah River in Sequoia National Park by kayakers Ben Stookesbury and Chris Korbulic, but this film poses bigger questions than whether the pair can send a river that flows from above 12,000 feet in el


2013 USA / Duration: 4 mins
Directed by Brecht Vanthof
There's a highly anticipated beast of a winter wave in Newport Beach, California, that rolls in heavy and attracts hordes of brave souls who attempt to drop into its steep face.

When Dogs Fly

2014 USA / Duration: 22 mins
Directed by Dean Potter
Dean Potter has pushed the boundaries of what can be done in the climbing world for years.

Who Owns Water

2014 USA / Duration: 48 mins
Water wars have always been heated in the American southwest desert, where water is scarce and droughts are frequent, but the same quarrels were once unthinkable in lusher areas of the country.


2012 Germany / Duration: 4 mins
Directed by Robert Löbel
What life would be like with extreme wind. —Raven Hopgood, age 12

Winter Light

2014 USA / Duration: 4 mins
Directed by Max Lowe
Dawn patrol on an inky winter morning leads to a contemplative climb through a snowbound world, a cold and starkly beautiful place imbued with solitude and the purity of winter light. When daylight turns and the summit is achieved, the only place to go is down.


2013 USA / Duration: 94 mins
Edward Abbey’s life is explored in this entertaining ramble through the environmental history of the Southwest.