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Mending the Line

Produced by Uncage the Soul, Mending the Line is the story of a World War II veteran, conservationist and fly-fishing legend who returns to France to see the country during peaceful times and fish the rivers he had seen during the war.

Mountainfilm Announces “Wilderness” as Theme for Moving Mountains Symposium 2014

Telluride, Colorado (January 14, 2014) — In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Wilderness Act, establishing American wilderness as “an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.”

In honor of the 50th anniversary of this groundbreaking legislation, which was the first of its kind in the world, Mountainfilm in Telluride will explore a wide range of issues associated with wilderness during its Moving Mountains Symposium, May 23, 2014. The symposium kicks off the organization’s annual four-day festival.

A Symbol of Progress and Peace in Afghanistan

Last month, Mountainfilm Festival Director David Holbrooke visited Skateistan, a skate park in Afghanistan that represents much more than just a place to skate.

In December 2013, I traveled to Afghanistan to film part of a documentary about my father, the late Ambassador Richard Holbrooke who was President Obama's Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan. While I was there, I interviewed some of my father's former colleagues, past and future Afghan Presidential candidates and New Yorker writer Dexter Filkins (the brilliant book The Forever War.)

Mountainfilm’s New Smartphone App

Mountainfilm in Telluride 2014 will mark the inauguration of our festival smartphone app. The app will provide a number of handy (pun intended) features to help inform our audience and prevent people from heading to theaters that are already full:

General Festival Information: During the festival, use the app to view the schedule, film descriptions, TBAs and last-minute announcements.

Seat Availability in Real Time: The system will show a green, yellow or red light for each upcoming program. Green indicates that plenty of seats are still available; yellow means that queue cards are diminishing quickly; and red means we’ve stopped handing out queue numbers. (Learn about how queues work.)

Who Killed Mike the Bike?

Produced by Grit and Thistle The Rider and The Wolf tells the story of Mountain Bike Hall of Fame cyclist Mike Rust who went missing without a trace in 2009. The film celebrates Rust’s life as a Colorado bicycle pioneer and delves into his disappearance in the San Luis Valley—an almost lawless part of Colorado’s Wild West—examining innovation, tradition, independence, irreverence, body hunting and what it’s like for a tight Irish family to lose a brother.

Who killed Mike the Bike? As our calendars clicks around to March 31, it marks the fifth year that Mountain Bike Hall of Fame cyclist Mike Rust has been missing after confronting thieves near his home in Saguache, Colorado. Local rumors run wild —some think the killers tossed his body down a mine shaft: others say he’s just one of 13 missing people in the San Luis Valley; a few believe that he ran off to Mexico — we hear many versions as people drop by our studio after learning that we are making this film: The Rider and The Wolf.

The Armstrong Lie - December 26, 2013

Mountainfilm is pleased to present a special screening of one of this year's best feature documentaries, The Armstrong Lie. The film, produced by Frank Marshall and directed by Alex Gibney, is on the Oscar shortlist for Best Documentary for 2013. The Armstrong Lie is currently screening limited engagements in select cities only. Please join Mountainfilm for the Telluride premiere at the historic Sheridan Opera House.

This is a benefit screening for Mountainfilm in Telluride. If you cannot attend but would like to support Mountainfilm's nonprofit mission, please donate here. Any and all contributions are most welcome. Thank you!


Film Synopsis:

WILDshorts @ WILD10

Mountainfilm in Telluride program director Emily Long is currently in Spain at the World Wilderness Congress, where she caught up with Jenny Nichols, director of Return to the Tepuis (Mountainfilm 2013), who is running a mini film festival at the event this week called WILDshorts.

MF: What is the World Wilderness Congress (WILD10), and how did your idea for WILDshorts evolve?