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Pakistan: How to Help

Here is a note we received from the director of the Acumen Fund in Pakistan: We are deeply concerned about the devastation caused by the recent flooding in Pakistan and wanted to share ways in which you can help support response efforts in this grave and urgent situation. Pakistan has been affected by the worst floods in living memory. 13.8 million people have been displaced by the floods in Pakistan and 6 million of these require immediate help according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). The floods have severely affected all of the provinces of the country and the magnitude of the devastation dwarfs other recent natural disasters. The millions who have been displaced were living at or below the poverty line and whatever little possessions and assets they had have been washed away, and their crops destroyed by the flood. The public infrastructure in the region - including access roads and bridges - have been badly damaged or have collapsed. There is a desperate need for temporary shelter, clean drinking water and toilets to avert a public health catastrophe. People also need basic goods and essential medical care.

Photographer Wes Skiles Dies

Mountainfilm is saddened to announce the death of Wes Skiles, the enormously talented underwater photographer whose luminous photographs of Blue Holes graced the Silver Bell Gallery in 2010. Working with scientist Kenny Broad, Wes saw a world we could only imagine and only when he brought us his stellar photographs did we begin to understand what he had seen. We were lucky to have him in Telluride for the festival this year and very much hoped he'd be back again and again.

Wes Skiles

Please honor his work by getting this month's National Geographic, which has his photos on the cover, like the one below.

Stephen H. Schneider

The influential climatologist Stephen H. Schneider--husband of Mountainfilm 2010 Symposium speaker Terry Root--passed away on Monday. The New York Times has written a touching obituary.

Global Focus - Short Films from Mountainfilm 2010

Here are two films featuring winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize, the largest prize of its type in the world: Global Focus Costa Rica [vimeo] Global Focus Cambodia [vimeo]

Minds of Mountainfilm 2010-Tom Lovejoy

Josh Bernstein sits down with Tom Lovejoy to interview him for the 2010 Minds of Mountainfilm series. [vimeo]

Flathead Wild-Short Film from Mountainfilm 2010

Student Program Blog

I just found out today that the kids in the Movies That Matter student program were blogging during the festival this year. Check out the archives here. The students in the Movies That Matter program: Edgar, Alexi, Geo, Sunny and Shannon from DC with Ana, Ashley and Zach from Colorado.