Mountainfilm on Tour

Mountainfilm in the Bay Area

From China to Sierra Leone, Mountainfilm on Tour covers the globe. This weekend, Friday through Sunday (November 30-December 2), we'll be in Mill Valley, California, and hope to see the Bay Area show up en masse to see some special guests and films. Check out the Mill Valley schedule and purchase tickets. This trailer is a sneak preview of what to expect at the Throckmorton Theatre this weekend.

Mountainfilm in New York City: An Unlikely Locale?

Since David Holbrooke started working as the festival director at Mountainfilm in 2007, he’s split his time between New York City and Telluride, Colorado. This weekend, his two different worlds will collide when Mountainfilm on Tour visits New York’s Lincoln Center for three days of films and guest speakers on October 19-21. Below, he describes what New Yorkers will appreciate in Mountainfilm’s upcoming programming.

Mountainfilm travels all over the world — Brazil, Chile, China and Norway in just the last month — but New York City is, at first glance, an unlikely locale for the festival. Aside from the obvious physical landscape, there are also profound cultural differences. As someone who has lived in both places, however, I know that there are more common interests than one might think.

Good Work in Progress: A Dispatch from Chile

Peter Kenworthy, the executive director for Mountainfilm in Telluride, is in Chile right now for the International Rural Film Festival, which is part of a larger nonprofit, Fundacion Altiplano, that aims to support and sustain the culture and economies of small Andean communities in the northernmost parts of Chile. He shares the following from his adventures:

Lineup Announced for Mountainfilm in New York

New York, NY (September, 2012) – The Film Society of Lincoln Center announced today the lineup for the 2012 Mountainfilm series, which runs from October 19-21. For the third year, Mountainfilm in Telluride comes to New York, bringing with it the energy of the outdoors and the power of movies that matter, plus live appearances, conversations and special performances. The series kicks off with award-winning Chasing Ice, where photographer James Balog documents the disappearance of glaciers in extraordinary time-lapse images, while battling faulty equipment, a bad knee and existential questions about our own uncertain future. Tickets are now on sale!

It’s All about the Bike: A Dispatch from Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil is a recent addition to Mountainfilm on Tour. Under Tour Director Henry Lystad, the world tour’s calendar and reach is expanding. He recently sent Mountainfilm in Telluride festival director David Holbrooke to Brazil for the second year of Mountainfilm in Sao Paulo. Here’s Holbrooke’s dispatch:

Mountainfilm on Tour Heads to Qingdao, China

Henry Lystad, director of Mountainfilm on Tour, has put together a multi-day show in China. Here are some photos and a dispatch from him:

A wild day as Mountainfilm's World Tour checks in from Sao Paulo, Brazil

(Day Three: Sao Paulo)

Wow ... wild day.

Jacob found these people - or really they found him because they saw his trailer for With My Own Two Wheels on Go Outside's website - who wanted to ride with him. So I tagged along on a bike we scored last night. We met outside our hotel at ten a.m. for an urban ride around the city. We didn't really know what we were getting into, but of course were game.

Four Brazilians met us - two couples, all good riders. The leader was a guy named Ian (see above) who was riding a multi-speed cruiser and he showed up with another bike that he guided through the streets and through Sao Paulo traffic. (By the way, they said that the traffic on Friday was at an all-time record here - with around 225 kilometers of backup - crazy).

Two of the other riders kicked off our ride with a cigarette, and the last one - Ian's girlfriend - was on a fixed gear bike, which was pretty rad.

Mountainfilm's World Tour takes on Sao Paolo, Brazil

(Day One: Sao Paulo)

Hello all -

Just wanted to give you a quick sense of the show down here.

The theater is on the main avenue in Sao Paulo - like Fifth Ave in NYC - with lots of big corporate buildings all around. It's a nice theater with several screens and about 250 seats. There were a lot of people buzzing about before-hand, including several camera crews who were doing interviews with Andrea (from Go Outside Magazine), Ben Stookesbury, and me. Even one crew with French questions (interesting given my mediocre French). The most common question I was asked was how we got from Colorado to Brazil, which I explained.

They have named the festival Rocky Spirit Festival and have printed up posters, t-shirts and programs. The first night of programming (Kadoma, Killing in the Name and 180 South) went well.

(Day Two: Sao Paulo)

MountainSummit: Mountainfilm in Aspen, August 25-28, 2011

On Thursday August 28, 2011, we'll kick off the third annual MountainSummit: Mountainfilm in Aspen, a unique collaboration that we have with the Wheeler Opera House.

"MountainSummit is the Wheeler’s staff’s favorite event of the year – we get to not only host some of the greatest thinkers and doers on the planet, but we also get to hang with them, laugh with them, and receive far more insight on how to actually help change the world for the better than at any other festival we know of, all thanks to Mountainfilm. It’s our finest creative partnership, and the reason why this festival has caught fire with Aspenites and many others from all over Colorado – and beyond!"

-Wheeler Opera House Executive Director Gram Slaton

We're excited to bring a variety of films and speakers to the event, showcasing some of the great stuff we saw earlier this year here in Telluride.

Mountainfilm Makes Key New Hires

Tour and Educational Programs Poised to Expand

Telluride, Colorado (July 20, 2011)Mountainfilm on Tour has been operating for more than 12 years and takes films from the annual Memorial Day festival in Telluride to several dozen venues worldwide each year. Making Movies that Matter, Mountainfilm’s educational initiative, which started three years ago, takes festival films into classrooms where students not only learn about critical contemporary issues but also how to use video editing software.