David Holbrooke

Superstorm Sandy: The Week After

Mountainfilm in Telluride festival director David Holbrooke splits his time between Telluride, Colorado and Brooklyn, New York. What follows is his post Sandy dispatch from Brooklyn.

It’s been a little more than a week since Superstorm Sandy walloped the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area, and it’s now snowing outside as I write. Suffering from cabin fever, I headed out earlier this evening into our neighborhood. It feels like February and walking past still-closed subway stations, a mid-winter sensation of cold air hit my face, reminding me of ski season.

It’s All about the Bike: A Dispatch from Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil is a recent addition to Mountainfilm on Tour. Under Tour Director Henry Lystad, the world tour’s calendar and reach is expanding. He recently sent Mountainfilm in Telluride festival director David Holbrooke to Brazil for the second year of Mountainfilm in Sao Paulo. Here’s Holbrooke’s dispatch:

Remembering My Father by David Holbrooke

Festival Director published a piece entitled Remembering My Father in the Daily Planet during this year's festival:

Someone asked me not long after my father died if we were going to hold a service for him in a synagogue. My first reaction was to laugh, because he wasn’t religious in any way that I ever saw and to hold his memorial in an official place of worship would have seemed off to me and not true to him.

While he didn’t have a religious faith — or even really any spiritual sensibility — he certainly had a strong belief system.