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Dear Sponsor – Current and Prospective:

Greetings from Telluride, Colorado—home of Mountainfilm. I welcome your interest in our organization. In this brochure you can find out key information both about the various parts and pieces of our organization and about the benefits of your sponsorship.

We have tried to apply all the art and science necessary to entice you, but it would be misleading not to caution you that we may not make perfect partners. Looking for a large, sophisticated operator with universal appeal and deep market penetration? Don’t bother to read on. We are not big. We are not slick. We are not a household name. And when we think of impressions, we don’t automatically think in terms of branding your name and logo or of how many sets of eyes are absorbing them. We think of impressions as the affect of powerful stories on thoughtful audiences brought to life by finely crafted images on a screen and of the lasting memories that come from a deep dialogue with passionate artists, activists and adventurers. We have always been small, homegrown, unique and a little crazy. Now approaching our fourth decade, there are no plans to become very different.

Our audiences at both the Memorial Day weekend festival and for our world tour are diverse in age and background but are united in their enthusiasm for the message we convey and the meaning we impart. There has never been a time when our mission statement has held more resonance with more people than it does today. Even as social, political, cultural and environmental crises proliferate, Mountainfilm provides a vision that is stable, clear, intelligent and powerful.

If you are intrigued by that vision, we should certainly explore the sponsorship options and opportunities. I look forward to that possibility.

—Sage Martin, Mountainfilm Executive Director

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