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We need your support as we continue to expand both the annual festival in Telluride and our many initiatives:

  • Mountainfilm on Tour takes a selection of festival films out on the road year-round and worldwide.
  • Mountainfilm on TV partners with Outside Television to screen festival films, as well as interviews with filmmakers and special guests shot at the festival, four nights a week at prime time.
  • Mountainfilm Commitment Grant awards five grants annually to filmmakers, artists, photographers and adventurers whose projects are intended to move audiences to action on issues that matter.

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    Contact Sage Martin, Executive Director, at (970) 728-4123 x 10 or

    The Mountainfilm Inspirational Fund

    Initially established with funds donated in the names of John Wald and Matt Gaynes, two adventurers and friends of Mountainfilm who were taken from us before their time, the Inspirational Fund is professionally managed on a long-term investment basis to help serve Mountainfilm's future needs. If you are interested in contributing, simply follow the donation procedures above, marking your donation for the "Inspirational Fund."

    What People Are Saying About Mountainfilm

    I left Telluride profoundly moved, altered and with tears streaming down my cheeks. - Terry Tempest Williams, Author

    An amazing event! It is a program that is both dazzling to the eye and richly layered with ideas about the breadth of culture and craft.  It reminds us of the force of filmmaking about things that matter, worlds worth exploring, and conversations worth sustaining.Ken Burns, Filmmaker

    Mountainfilm is life-changing. It challenges, educates and inspires us to be the kind of caring and committed global citizens we should be. It is an amazing and powerful force of equal parts cerebration and celebration. - Jeff Hauser, Raynier Institute & Foundation

    You're just getting better and better at this and the overall organization, scope, significance and relevance of the festival have grown exponentially. - Kate Larramendy, Horny Toad

    The content was so rich, and there seemed to be more programming than ever before. Just spectacular! - Rebecca Martin, National Geographic

    All the best people I’ve ever known I met at Mountainfilm.Wade Davis, Ethno-botanist

    Great films, great place, great people! – Galen Rowell, Adventure Photographer & Author

    Mountainfilm in Telluride is an extraordinary event that every year, somehow, manages to pull together a cross section of filmmakers and challenging thinkers and activists from all over the planet to share new perspectives and original work that is ahead of the headlines in virtually any category that you could think of…from religion to exploration to cultural issues. The participants are smart, edgy, and without a shred of complacency. – Maryanne Culpepper, National Geographic

    There are other film festivals that are aesthetically interesting, but no others that I know of are so politically, socially, culturally and environmentally important. I wish that every moviegoer in America could find his way to Telluride.Andre Gregory, Actor & Playwright

    Mountainfilm in Telluride is the single most inspiring event that I attend each year. It is a chance to rub elbows with modern-day heroes, with people who are actually making a difference. A chance to see films that would be lost. A chance to find out what’s really happening in the world, and to meet people who are living their dreams. – Ace Kvale, Adventure Photographer

    The Mountainfilm World Tour is a visually dazzling and compelling experience that leaves you with an array of feelings: shock, pride, sorrow, and – above all – hope. Wrapped in a deceptively entertaining package that manages to both move and inspire, these films will make you want to be a better global citizen. – Sydney Stowe, Dartmouth College

    Rare and remarkable films came together that day to make a gem of an afternoon. So much of what was so good combined to make magic. The more I learn about what the traveling part of your festival does – the more enthusiastic I become. – Debbie Rothberg, Smithsonian National Museum