Additional Mountainfilm Staff


Pam Shifrin


Lise Waring / Communications, Social Media
Barbara Kondracki / Program Design
Christine Wilson / Graphic Design
Casey Nay / Graphic Design
VentureWeb / Web Design
Cultivator / Logo Design


Naani Sheva / Programming Assistant
Patti Duax / Lodging and Travel Coordinator
Drew Ludwig / Gallery Coordinator
Pam Shifrin / Volunteer Coordinator
Amy Palamar / Passes Coordinator
Kathrine Warren / Hospitality Manager
Cara Bunch / Hospitality Assistant Manager
Jim Riley / Events Manager
Tim “Stuntman” Territo / Production Manager
Eric “Viking” Cooper / Festival Logistics
Scott Upshur / Intros Wrangler & Rigger
Ted Wilson / Field Crew Manager
Ian Manson / Master Rigger
Mark Froehlich / Lighting Designer
Johnny “Rotten” Bulson / Intelligence Operative
Brady Richards / Shipping, Receiving & Communications Manager
Mary Molloy-Rios / Communications Assistant
Erika Henschel / Festival Accounting
Joanna MacDonald / Festival Accounting
Steve Johnson / General Counsel

Website and Program Writers
Anna Brones
David Holbrooke
Peter Kenworthy
Katie Klingsporn
Emily Long
Corinne Platt

Festival Photographers
Gus Gusciora
Jennifer Koskinen
Nori Lupfer
Nick Wolcott

Guest and Judge Wranglers
Rory Cowie
Brianne Hovey
Jen Knopp
Patrick Laguens
Angela Mallard
Fletcher Otwell
Emily Scott
Jess Sullivan
Katja Wichland

2013 Festival intro films created by:
Stash Wislocki
Justin Clifton
Keith Hill
David Byers
Scott Upsher
Casey Nay


Curt Rousse / Video Tech Director
Greg Babush / Video Inspection
Barbara Grassia / Film Inspection
Ross Krantz / Chief Film Technician
Marc Burrows / Video Technician
Mike Babb / Video Technician
Karl “K2” Mehrer / K2 Imaging
Peggy Russell / Film Traffic Manager
Anton Franczyk / Film Traffic Assistant
Dean Rolley / Audio Manager
Gypsie Frank / Theater Sound Technician


Theater MCs
Seth Berg
Ashley Boling
Karla Brown
Thom Carnevale
Hilary Cooper
Mitchell Key
Hilary Peddicord
Jim Pettegrew
Peter Shelton
Colin Sullivan
Sasha Sullivan
Lance Waring
Brian Werner

Theater Managers
Lauren Baker
Sherry Briske
Mark Davis
Kandee Degraw
Marc Froehlich
Heather George
Erin Hamilton
Rob Huber
John Kelly
Ben Kerr
Cat Lee-Covert
Amy Levek
Peter Lundeen
Heather Lyne
Bruce MacIntire
Marissa Mattys
Julie McNair
Lauren Metzger
Michelle Montigue
Michael Moore
Mason Rich
John Rosenberg
Amy Russell
G Douglas Seitsinger
Jeff Shannon
Felix Snow

Greg Babush
Nate Balding
Darrick Casto
Filip Celander
Steve Foster
Barbara Grassia
Peter Halter
Sergio Laureano
Patty Lecht
Karen Long
Keith Madden
Scott Rahilly
Luke Reid-Grassia
Luci Reeve
Dave Riepe
Brad Spooner
Tom Wardaszka


Suzan Beraza
Cathe Dyer
Mary Duffy
Beth Gage
Jenny Jacobi
Jane Julian
Ben Kerr
Marki Knopp
Lucy Lerner
Rick Mendel
Mark Plantz
Lexi Tuddenham

The Conversation

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