One Hell of a Long Tube Ride

Not long ago, Adventure Journal posted this snippet of a boogie boarder’s amazingly long tube ride, and editor Steve Casimiro summed up the video perfectly with these words:

Boogie boarding doesn’t get much respect. It lacks the nobility of surfing or body surfing and always will. Perhaps it’s because the boards can be purchased in toy stores instead of surf shops, like, you know, Costco. Perhaps it’s because it requires little skill. Perhaps it’s because anyone can do it. But isn’t that what’s awesome about boogie boarding? — that anyone can and so many have? This short little video, a snippet from a full-length film, captures Ewan Donnachie riding inside a Skeleton Bay, South Africa, wave that goes on seemingly forever. Every time you think it’s going to close out, nope, the window opens and there’s that liquid wall feathering at the top. Take a peek: Then file this link away for inspiration next time you’re heading to the shore.

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